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The Center for Qualitative and Multi-Method Inquiry aims to further develop Maxwell’s reputation as a leader in qualitative and multi-method research, to advance research transparency initiatives, and to help coordinate related activities in Maxwell and across the SU campus.

The Maxwell School is a leader in interdisciplinary, problem‐driven approaches to social inquiry and in the application of research to practice. CQMI's focus on multi-method research practices is consistent with Maxwell's robust claim to national and international leadership in this research tradition. Multi‐method research is, by its very nature, open‐minded about the different and complementary strengths of disparate techniques and the contributions that combining them can make. Its pluralism requires an acceptance of multiple sources of rigor and insight which deeply resonates with the eclecticism of problem‐driven interdisciplinary research.   

CQMI will increase the visibility of the depth and breadth of methods expertise and training already available at SU. For example, the Center will seek to establish a listing of Maxwell's faculty expertise in different methods, as well as maintain a comprehensive database of opportunities for training in research methods offered by the various Maxwell departments. Because not all departments are able to field as many methods courses as they would like, the course database can help students identify alternatives. While departments already publicize this information, a centralized and standardized database can enhance existing coordination.

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