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Fields of Interest

Title of Dissertation

(* Primary Advisor)

Melissa C. Chow Public Economics
Labor Economics
“Three Empirical Papers on Energy and Labor Economics”  Peter J. Wilcoxen*
Mary E. Lovely
Jeffrey D. Kubik
Jae Yoon Lee International
Labor Economics
Industrial Organization

“Three Essays on International Trade and Offshoring”

Devashish Mitra*
Chihwa Kao
Yoonseok Lee
Xiaoxue Li

Public Economics
Labor Economics
Health Economics

"Essays on Public Economics and Policy" Perry Singleton*
Jeffrey D. Kubik 
Chihwa Kao 
Nuno A.F. Mota

Urban Economics
Labor Economics
Real Estate Finance

"Spatial Features of Labor Markets and Links to the Housing Market"
Stuart S. Rosenthal*
William C. Horrace
Alfonso Flores-Lagunes

Shaofang Qi

Microeconomic Theory
Game Theory

“Three Essays on Individual and Collective Choice Theory from a Revealed Preference Approach”

Jerry Kelly*
Susan Gensemer
Chihwa Kao 

Mallory C. Vachon

Labor Economics
Public Economics
Energy Economics

"The Impact of Natural Resource Booms on Local Economic Conditions"

Gary V. Engelhardt*
Jeffrey D. Kubik
Perry Singleton


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