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Steven R. Brechin

Professor Emeritus, Sociology


Contact Information

310A Maxwell
(315) 443-4303

Curriculum Vitae
Brechin CV Nov 2011


Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1989


Organizational, political, and environmental sociology


Fall 2013:
SOC 335       Political Sociology    T/Th  11:00-12:20


Brechin, S.R. and O. Salas. 2011. “Government-NGO Networks for Nature Protection in Belize, Central America: Examining the Theory of the Hollow State in a Developing Country Context.” In Brechin et al.: “Networking Nature: Network Forms of Organization in Environmental Governance”, Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research Vol. 3(3): 263-274.

Brechin, S.R. 2010. “Chapter 10: Public Opinion: A Cross-National View”. In Constance Lever-Tracy (ed.) Handbook on Climate Change and Society, Routledge Press.

Brechin, S.R., G. Murray, and K. A. Mogulgaard. 2010.  “Conceptual and Practical Issues in Defining Conservation Success:  The Political, Social and Ecological in an Organized World.” Journal of Sustainable Forestry. 29(2-4): 362-389.

Mohai, P., S. Simoes, S.R. Brechin. 2010. “Environmental Concerns, Values, and Meanings in the Beijing and Detroit Metropolitan Areas. International Sociology 25(6): 778-817.

Brechin, S.R. 2009. Brechin Paper. NSF Workshop: Sociological Perspectives on Global Climate Change [Workshop held May 30-31 2008 Arlington, VA].

Brechin, S.R. 2009. Corporate Contributions to Transnational Conservation NGOs: Private International Transfers or Transactions?” Forum: International Studies Review: 11: 423-30

Brechin, S.R. 2008. “Ostriches and Change: A Response to Global Warming and Sociology” Current Sociology: 56 (3): 467-474.

Brechin, S.R., G. Murray, C. Benjamin. 2007. “Chapter 38: Contested ground in nature protection: Current challenges and opportunities in community-based natural resources and protected area management.” In Jules Pretty et al. (editors) Handbook of Environment and Society. CA: Sage Publications.

Research Interests

Organizational, political, and environmental sociology; Non-government organizations; International organizations; Environment and development in developing countries; Biodiversity conservation; Public opinion; Public policy; Survey research methods. 

Research Projects

Current research activities include the organizational development and outcomes of large NGOs; social responsibilities of NGOs; exploration of the notion of civil society and its boundaries and requirements; exploring the theory of the "Hollow State": NGO-government partnerships in a developing country context; social requirements and consequences of biodiversity conservation/nature protection; sociology of climate change; comparative public attitudes and values on the environment; and social theory and the environment.

Selected Professional Activities

Invited by the ASA Task Force on Sociology and Climate Change in 2011 [with Rachel Shwom, Rutgers University] to lead writing the report’s section on public attitudes and global climate change. 

 Co-Facilitated: 2008 Sustainability Leadership Seminar - Faculty & Students of Syracuse University & SUNY Environmental Sciences and Forestry - Development of possible joint collaborations between our two institutions.

Hosted and co-organized 2007 Maxwell Workshop on Organizations and the Natural Environment - Topic on Organizational Networks and the Natural Environment.  Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.  May 22-24.   

Professional Service

Associate Editor, Conservation Biology

Editorial Board, Social Science Quarterly

Editorial Board, International Journal of Biodiversity Science & Management

Editorial Board, Sustainability: Science, Practice, and Policy

Editorial Board, Organizations & Environment

Member, World Commission on Parks and Protected Areas (WCPA), World Conservation Union, IUCN

Member, World Commission on Environment, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP), World Conservation Union, IUCN [Former Member of Steering Committee]

Papers Done With Students

Brechin, S.R. and M. Bhandari. Under Review. Public Opinion and Climate Change: Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change

Swanson, J., S.R. Brechin, and T. Roberts. In Preparation. “Sociology of Biodiversity Conservation”. In M. Mascia, K. Redford, and W. McAdams (eds.). Conservation Social Science: Understanding People and the Conservation of Biodiversity. Wiley.

Brechin, S.R. and A. Jamborcic. Forthcoming 2011. Corporate Contributions to Transnational Conservation NGOs: Private International Transfers or Transactions?” In Stuart Brown (ed.) Beyond the State: Non-State Transnational Transfers.  Palgrave.

Brechin, S.R. and M. Bhandari. 2011. “What the Public Want?: Comparative Public Opinion on Global Climate Change. Paper presented at the 106th Annual Meetings of the American Sociological Association, ASA, Friday August 26th.

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