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APSA's Qualitative and Multi-Method Research Section

The Organized Section on Qualitative and Multi-Method Research seeks to promote research and training focused on the several branches of methodology associated with the qualitative tradition, broadly defined. The section also strives for an integrated understanding of these diverse methods and of their relationship to other branches of methodology, including quantitative methods.

President (2013-2015) 
Lisa Wedeen
University of Chicago

Vice-President (2013-2015) 
Evan Lieberman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

President-Elect (2013-2015) 
Peter Hall
Harvard University

Secretary-Treasurer (2012-2015)
Colin Elman
Syracuse University 

Newsletter Editors
Tim Buthe 
Duke University 

Alan M. Jacobs 
University of British Columbia 

Executive Committee Members:
Dara Strolovitch, Princeton University (2013-2015)
Timothy Crawford, Boston College (2013-2015)
Jason Seawright, Northwestern University (2014-2016)
Layna Mosely, University of North Carolina (2014-2016) 

2015 Nominating Committee Members:
Melani Cammett, Brown University
Paul Staniland, University of Chicago
Giovanni Cappoccia, University of Oxford
Dorian Warren, Columbia University

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