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Strategies for Social Inquiry 

The Cambridge University Press Strategies for Social Inquiry book series presents texts on a wide range of issues bearing upon the practice of social inquiry. Strategies are construed broadly to embrace the full spectrum of approaches to analysis, as well as relevant issues in philosophy of social science. The books listed below, several of which were discussed at the IQMR authors’ workshop held concurrently with the annual Institute, are published or forthcoming in the series.


Thad Dunning, University of California, Berkeley, Natural Experiments in the Social Sciences: A Design-Based Approach (2012)


John Gerring, Boston University, Social Science Methodology: A Unified Framework, 2nd Edition (2012)

Schneider and Wagemann

Carsten Q. Schneider, Central European University, and Claudius Wagemann, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Set-Theoretic Methods for the Social Sciences:  A Guide to Qualitative Comparative Analysis (2012) 

Weller and Barnes    

Nicholas Weller, University of Southern California and Jeb Barnes, University of Southern California, Finding Pathways: Mixed-Method Research for Studying Causal Mechanisms (2014)  


Michael Coppedge, University of Notre Dame, Democratization and Research Methods (2012)

Bennett and Checkel

Andrew Bennett, Georgetown University, and Jeffrey Checkel, Simon Fraser University  (eds): Process Tracing: From Metaphor to Analytic Tool (2014)

Kapiszewski and MacLean and Read

Diana Kapiszewski, Georgetown University, Lauren Morris MacLean, Indiana University, and Benjamin Read, University of California, Santa Cruz, Field Research in Political Science (2015)

Manuscripts Accepted and/or Under Contract

Jason Seawright, Northwestern University, Multi-Method Social Science: Multi-Method Social Science: Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Tools

Peter Spiegler, University of Massachusetts, Boston, A Constructive Critique of Economic Modeling

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