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London Article on Multigenerational Living Arrangements Published.

Andrew S. London, professor and chair of sociology, has co-authored (with Cheryl Elman) “Racial Differences in Multigenerational Living Arrangements in 1910,” which appears in the latest issue of Social Science History. The authors use 1910 Census data to examine racial differences in two forms of tri-generational living arrangements during a historical period when such living arrangements were high among European Americans. Read more.

Wilmoth and London to Study Intersection of Veteran’s Benefits and Disability Insurance.

Sociology professors Janet Wilmoth and Andrew London plan to study how veterans’ collection of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability compensation is related to use of Social Security Disability Insurance (DI). The two received an $85,817 grant from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College/SSA to conduct the study, “The Intersection of Veteran’s Benefit Programs and Disability Insurance Among Veterans.” Not all veterans are eligible for full VA disability benefits, which could increase reliance on DI. Additionally, the extent to which the use of VA disability benefits supplements or supplants DI use among veterans may depend on the age of the veteran and when the veteran served in the military.

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